Transactions and Real Estate:


80% of property transactions, is a contributing agent, because it can:

   1. Does the actual value of the property.
   2. Negotiate the final transaction price reasonable.
   3. Indicates more property than you know.
   4. He knows and tells you the fine points and pitfalls of a transaction.

Right broker is one who:


   1. It is legitimate and declared a professional.
   2. He is an expert on the specific services you request.
   3. From the outset you know under what conditions it will take your case.
   4. Paid upon completion of the transaction and not advance regardless of the outcome.
   5. Is knowledgeable of the area and property type you are looking for.

What affects the final price of the property?


   1. 1.The demand and rarity.
   2. The age and timing.
   3. The conditions under which they negotiate the transaction.
   4. The method of propulsion.
   5. Location, location, area, age.

Features that raise the price:


   1. A good orientation.
   2. The beautiful surroundings.
   3. The high marketability of the road.
   4. Good quality building and decoration.
   5. The unique and tasteful design.
   6. View, Parking, Jacuzzi, fireplace, solar heating, central heating, alarm system, pool, high ceilings, large balconies, security doors, BBQ, 2-pla windows
   7. Expensive and stylish kitchen and bathroom furniture.
   8. Whether rented furnished or imiepiplomeno.
   9. The short-term lease.

Features of the download price:


   1. The ambient noise
   2. Any restrictions on permitted uses of the property.
   3. The lack of an elevator or other key features.
   4. The lack or partial heating capacity.
   5. Low floors.
   6. The indifferent and annoying neighbors.
   7. Excessive charges.
   8. The neglected building entrance and garden.
   9. The difficult parking.